Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Squaders Innitiated

Squaders is the tentative title for a web comic based on my friends and i, and multiple people that we've met in and out of college during the last few years. The stories circulate mostly around our base group of friends, or the 'bomb squad'; hence the title.. anyways, we've been INTENDING to start this, like so many other things, for a couple years now to no avail; due to other priorities and procrastination of course.

About a week ago though, a handful of us were drawn into a mutli-hour long battle of airsoft guns, cleaning products, indoor rain storms, falsified electrical prowess, and memories of John McClain among other things. In a word, it was glorious. And even more so, what lead to this pinnacle of squad moments, was the the mere fact that my roommate Steve and I didn't want the end of the 7th Potter book ruined for us before we finished it.. those bastards. You know who you are.

After the evening's escapades withered down and we recounted our endeavours with each other we decided it's time to finally start this thing. So I've thrown a couple doodles together, based off our crazy night, in preparation for our opening strip, which will be this indoor war. Hopefully I'll be able to juggle some free time outside of work this week to begin the strip itself. We shall see.

You best be drawin' Vear..

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