Thursday, May 8, 2008

Teen MeMe

so this is aaaall over the interwebs now, and it has
spread within my initial network of fellow artsy peeps.. so i am now obligated to participate OBviously. i haven't been very active in the world of memes, but i guess it's never to late to jump on the boat.

objective here: draw yourself as a teen

so here we've got my teen self in oooh, freshman-sophomore year circa 2000, and then my current self of may 2008. details listed of course :)

check out the plethora of other examples here


Eric Royal said...

HAHA i totally remember seeing that when i was looking through all of those, nicely done dr. jones, have changed quite a bit for the better one would have to assume.

Jess Morris said...

Haha, this is so funny and such a good idea! I was just checking out your blog - AMAZING work! I love your style, keep 'em coming! ...and your corgi is adorable!