Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Corgi Come Lately

I am FIIIIINALLY getting my Corgi.

I grew up my entire life with dogs and had my own personal Shepard through most of my childhood and through high school (though of course couldn't take him with me when I moved to San Fran for college).. and unfortunately he passed away when I was nearing the end of my college education. But now that I'm done with school and have been out working in the industry for over a year I've decided it was time to get a dog back in my life. Especially after my roommate Steve got his Pug, and it seems like SOOOooo many other people that I know have dogs and I just get the fact smashed upon my face.

I've been wanting a Corgi for years now, and got lucky enough to find this little fellow (currently 5 weeks of age and called Short Stuff by the breeders). I will be his new Pappy after June 26th - a late birthday present to myself :) I'm so F*CKING excited.