Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Return from San Diego

I got back from San Diego last night at about 7:30, and I am beyond exhausted. I had such a good time though, and got to chat it up with SO many awesome people, as well as get back together with a bunch o' peeps that I haven't seen in a good while. I already can't wait for next year (though I have no problem resting for a year first).

I'll post up some photos and what not after I've recovered from the trip.

also, wanted to shout out to a few of the artists that really provided some great chit chat and doodling time, thanks guys

Adam Hughes
Sean Galloway
Lesean Thomas
Dean Yeagle
Alberto Ruiz
and a handful of the Udon guys (tribute book is f*cking CRAZY)

aaand thanks to Rob Liefeld for the dinner and drinks, and to Tim & Eric for their crazy shenanigans at the [adult swim] party! (i'm still not sure how I should feel that Tim called me Heath Ledger)

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