Tuesday, June 23, 2009

23 - the end of a year

another birthday gone; this year held a lot for me (year and a half technically, let's just consider it my entire 23rd year and the months leading up to it) i also had a lot of expectations jumping in, 23 itself has always had a bit of it's own significance for me. i am anything but disappointed and there is so much to look back on; a few less than good--there are still some things weighing on the back of my mind, but most occurrences have been beyond great, and life-altering; and i am astounded to see what has unfolded since the beginning of 08. pretty much every aspect of my life has been altered and pushed into a new direction whether it be large or small; and what else can you ask for, other than to grow and to change? i've come a long way, and i have a lot of great memories, and though there are a few unresolved matters, i think everything is moving in the right direction. regardless, i'm sad to see my 23rd year gone for good. but i'm also feeling more than ready to take on 24, so let's do this thing. moving on. next song.

post script - perhaps it's finally time to get my 23 inked once and for all. time to hit the drawing board.

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+Chris said...

wow, Im turning 25 in two weeks.. I forgot how young you are. hahaha.