Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Drawing class, yay!

so Jess and i started a drawing class: gesture drawing w/ Alex Woo and Louis Gonzalez, through Schoolism. Alex and Louis are both story artists @ Pixar and the point of the class is to be able to create strong, story-telling poses. this is something i'm really excited about; being able to simplify or 'distill' a pose to it's true essence and not get caught up in all the unnecessary details. this should also help to strengthen our animation since good, clear poses are so crucial!

we just finished week 2, which focused on distilling poses in to abstract shapes. something i've found that i need to push myself on is really exaggerating the weight and direction of a pose, to get away from anything static or linear. i feel these are already pushed much further than the week 1 gestures, but there's still plenty of room for pushing.. *we also sketched quick gestures of the poses within our shapes to see how they help inform the drawing.

week 1 was the line of action - as mentioned above, these were really in need of some exaggeration, i was sticking too close to what i saw in the model and images and not pushing what we should FEEL in these gestures.

so far it's been fun, and i'm really looking forward to pushing myself through this course! yay for drawing!

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