Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lesson 03 - Silhouettes

this week's lesson in our gesture drawing class focused on silhouettes. so now we're attempting to take the force that we capture with a distilled line or shape and express that within a full pose. you also need to keep the idea clear and not let the extra shapes get all muddied-up. it's so easy to get caught up in what i SEE once i'm adding limbs and everything, i'm really trying to force myself to keep the simplicity in mind and go for a feeling rather than recreating what's there.. i've got a LOT of pushing to do.

we're also required to get some 'cafe sketching' in each week, here are a couple pages that i scribbled down at a coffee shop, and i've picked a small handful of them to push beyond what i was able to get on the spot. good exercise!



Jared said...

Nice job dude! these are great. man makes me want to do some!

Louieville said...

thanks jared! yeah i'm really enjoying it, it's nice to be pushed again. haven't drawn solely for the purpose of getting better in a long time..

Jess Morris said...

Nice pushed poses!! Really feel alive and in motion!