Thursday, May 22, 2008

F*cking Ben Affleck



Harrison Ford, twice in the same month have you made my day.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Dr. Jones Ink

You know, this is months old news, but since the movie is out in a couple weeks and I failed to post anything about this at the time, IT SHALL GO UP NOW!

I caved to my Indy obsessiveness and tattooed that bitch forever upon my arm. In progress and hot off the press..

Awesome Show. Great Job!

Last weekend a few of my buddies and i trecked down to Amoeba on Haight to see Tim and Eric from the show of the same name on [adult swim] (our show aired right before theirs in the line up, whheeee!)

They were apparently hung over and full of witty banter, here they are sitting at a table AND signing things at the SAME TIME. how they multi task in such ways, i shall never understand.. the larger faces in the top photo are two o' my buddies, chris vear (left) and jonathan richardson (other left). such crisp cellphone pichures :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Teen MeMe

so this is aaaall over the interwebs now, and it has
spread within my initial network of fellow artsy peeps.. so i am now obligated to participate OBviously. i haven't been very active in the world of memes, but i guess it's never to late to jump on the boat.

objective here: draw yourself as a teen

so here we've got my teen self in oooh, freshman-sophomore year circa 2000, and then my current self of may 2008. details listed of course :)

check out the plethora of other examples here

Friday, May 2, 2008

Doodle for Damian

still scarce with the illustration scene, a new piece is a rare sighting.. BUT, i did this up for a pal's birthday and figured i'd post it.

Iron Man

Iron Man

Finally. FINALLY. FINALLY! Marvel FINALLY did one right. It sticks close enough to the original story while still taking it in a nice direction for modern audiences. Downey is a great Stark and Bridges is always good, Big Lebowski man! My only complaint would have to be that there wasn't enough of Iron Man himself, I wanted more. But, the extra bit at the end of the credits more than made up for it by escalating my geekdom..