Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tippett Secret Santa

So the tradition @ Tippett Studio, is that eveyrone that participates in secret santa, has to make their gift. You draw someone's name, with a bit of info on the person, and you have to make them a gift! no store-bought gifts, and NO I.O.U.s!!! Some of the past gifts that I've been shown over the year have been INCREDIBLE! So I felt obligated of course to take part in the awesome seasonal activity.

I luckily got the name of someone that I knew, one of my leads from Cats & Dogs -- Mike Brunet. Brunet is a raging-Canadian with a lack of hair and a massive jaw line, and a ridiculously talented animator.

I of course fell to my default for secret santa: round #1; illustrating. I did a full size 27"x40" movie poster, inspired a little by some old serial adventure and james bond posters.

I also pulled a bit of a prank on Brunet at the Tippett Christmas party (where the gifts were handed out). He has had a tough time receiving gifts in the past, half of the time receiving I.O.U.s or lame store bought things (the two BIG NO-NOs). But the good ones that he's had, are REEEAAALLLY GOOD. So not only did I HAVE to finish, it had to be something big, and worthy. After ensuring that I had the real gift finished and ready to go, I got him a decoy gift, to make him THINK he was getting an I.O.U. before getting his real gift. This of course is funniest to the people that know him -- success! I'll include video of the gift giving for the people that didn't get a chance to see it in person.

Purrcasso 2009

This was my entry for the Percasso Charity Gallery for the Berkeley East-Bay Humane Society. I didn't get around to taking it where I wanted, but it still turned out, and it sold for a good bit over the asking price -- so I can't complain :P

In this piece is my dog Harvington-Reginald "Short Stuff" Wallbanger (or Harvey; the corgi in the fez) and my friend Steve's dog Totoro (or Pig-Pug; the pug in the monocle).

Tony's Zombie Party

Catching up on a few posts.. I was asked to do an illustration of Tony and Adrienne for their AMAZING zombie-birthday bash. incredible evening. They used the illustration to create the invites and such for the party-