Monday, February 1, 2010

Drawaholic 01: January - Hoofed Animals

the first step, in a year-long twelve step program. over yonder, on the newly-started blog called "Hi. My name is.. and I am a drawaholic" we've got a year long animal theme going -- a different type of animal each month, and a different animal within that month's type, each week. for example january's theme is hoofed animals, february's is primates and so on.. the GOAL is to get people to do at least one drawing, sketch, doodle, painting, WHATEVER.. a week.

god knows i've been trying to get myself to draw as often as i used to, for a couple years now, with little success. so here's hoping :P

January - Hoofed Animals

week 2: Cattle
week 3: Giraffes
week 4: Zebras

this month only had three weeks' worth, due to getting a late start after the holidays.

these are all sketches, though i WANT to take one from each month and fully flesh it out, color and all.