Friday, August 20, 2010

Priest Comic-Con Trailer

here's a first trailer for Priest, as shown at the mecca of geek-dom, comic-con. we did the emaciated-looking vamps and the large zuul-esque creature.

click me for trailer!

Piranha 3D

so, somehow, the unrelenting gods of cinema have granted Piranha 3D an 85% (it's actually going up last i checked, it was 81%) on rotten tomatoes. we had a very very very small amount of work on it at tippett (but i swear it was still about 3.77347 billion fish), and i don't even know if we got credited for it! haha.. anyways, quality of most of the other fish aside, it sounds like this movie has hit it out of the park when it comes to cheezy-b movie awesomeness. and may actually be worth getting smashed out of your mind to go see christopher lloyd and richard dreyfuss in a storm of blood, booze and bare-lady (and man) parts.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cats & Dogs Schwag

i did these (very late mind you) as pieces meant for crew schwag on my first movie, cats & dogs: the revenge of kitty galore.

the first is seamus, the pigeon, who was voiced by katt williams. and as you may or may not know, katt has had a few mugshots in his day (one of them during the production of this movie) :P so i decided to give seamus similar treatment :) mugshot coffee mugs anyone?

the second is the main villian, kitty galore. she is hairless, and has never forgiven the world for making her so - here we've caught her in the act of trying rectify her situation with a little moose hair and elmer's.