Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Return from San Diego

I got back from San Diego last night at about 7:30, and I am beyond exhausted. I had such a good time though, and got to chat it up with SO many awesome people, as well as get back together with a bunch o' peeps that I haven't seen in a good while. I already can't wait for next year (though I have no problem resting for a year first).

I'll post up some photos and what not after I've recovered from the trip.

also, wanted to shout out to a few of the artists that really provided some great chit chat and doodling time, thanks guys

Adam Hughes
Sean Galloway
Lesean Thomas
Dean Yeagle
Alberto Ruiz
and a handful of the Udon guys (tribute book is f*cking CRAZY)

aaand thanks to Rob Liefeld for the dinner and drinks, and to Tim & Eric for their crazy shenanigans at the [adult swim] party! (i'm still not sure how I should feel that Tim called me Heath Ledger)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Doodle Progress, life in general

I've been spending the last couple weeks working away and bonding with my new puppy. I'll have to post up some more pictures sometime soon. I'm beyond ecstatic with my new com padre "Harvington-Reginald Short Stuff Wallbanger", or simply, Harvey. Other than that, work has been picking up more and more as the schedule for the show becomes more hectic.

I've seen a few movies that I haven't rated yet; some good, some not as good:

Now's for The Dark Knight. God I can't wait for that.. and, the animated Batman Gotham Knight was pretty fuckin' sweet too.

Comic-con in a couple weeks!

and, still haven't finished my Metal Gear piece, but I started up another one for Naruto Shippuden. Here's some line work..

and here's my reworked business card for the time being. I have a few coming in for Comic-Con and what not.