Wednesday, April 4, 2012

TED "safe" Trailer!

so this is the greenband trailer for TED - again, the latest movie we wrapped up @ Tippett - CAN'T WAAAAAIIITT!!

* i've got a handful of shots in this trailer, if you care (mom)
bong-smoking @ 0:31
in the car @ 1:00
"hey thomas" @ 1:01
hooker-introductions @ 1:20
"chevron card" @ 1:27
quick can-smash @ 2:09

Monday, April 2, 2012

TED Trailer!

the first trailer for TED, the movie we most recently wrapped on @ Tippett, has finally been released. this is a restricted trailer, so you probably won't want to play it if you've got your kids in the room - it may have a teddy bear, but this movie is a major R.

i had such a blast working on this film, and i really can't wait for it to hit the theaters!

*the shot of ted smoking his bong @ 1:11 is mine