Thursday, December 22, 2011

TMNT Munny - Gettin' Lit

Chris Morley and Tom Gibbons over at Tippett used my little turtle to set up some lights in order to take photos of everyone's munny-pieces from the holiday party:

Sunday, December 18, 2011

munny, munny, munny MUUUUNNY

this weekend was the Tippett Studio holiday party, and @ last year's shindig some of us started a little competition, taking some blank dunnies and turning them in to whatever our hearts desired. it was an awesome little addition to the already fun times. this year we decided to continue it, but step it up to the larger munny figures.

the turnout was AWESOME this year, and we had a full designated wall to display them this time around, so it actually felt like a small art gallery when you entered the room. there were some truly great pieces this year, and i'm hoping that stirs people up and this will become an even larger event in the years to come.

this year i decided to do a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. and i left him without a weapon, so he could be any turtle i wanted him to be (the originals all had red bandannas, so no that's not necessarily raphael) - i unfortunately didn't remember to take very many photos of my progress, but i did get a few and wanted to post 'em up!

munny > primer > super sculpey > baked @ 275 for 15 min > acrylic > varnish > fabric-store scraps > DONE!


Ain't It Cool has posted up the first public link to a short that we did a while back @ Tippett Studio (I was lucky enough to jump in at the end of it). Mutant Land is loosely based on the world of Mutant World by Jan Strnad & Richard Corben. It would be pretty great to get this developed in to a full feature..

check out the short here