Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lesson 04 - Space

This week's lesson was focusing on space - so while we're moving in to more defined gestures, we're also having to pay attention to the figure in 3d space. a lot of these poses with the model were very flat to camera and we had to alter the angle of our gestures to give a feeling of depth. we ALSO had to spend half the time drawing with our subordinate hands (so left hand for me). this was meant to make us focus even more on the spacial value and not rely on our developed strokes with our dominant hands (which i've noticed can actually work against you at times). i have terrible line quality and control with my left hand, but there's a strange appeal to the contour-type figures that came from it..

it's a lot tougher to keep all of the ideas from previous lessons in mind as we move to more and more detailed gestures.. definitely going to take some practice. it was also a pretty busy week, i wanted to get a LOT more drawing done for this assignment, but it just didn't happen :S - next week!

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Jared said...

oh these look great!
man you can still draw good with your left hand! i suck drawing with my opposite hand :P