Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lesson 07 - Story

our final assignment - bittersweet, i've really enjoyed this course a lot, but man is it hard to keep up and put in the proper amount of time - exhausting :P

this week was story - we had to take our model's poses and implement the ideas of these poses in to a story. so instead of just pushing a pose, we actually had to give them context - pretty fun! makes me want to start doing some sequential art, maybe a web comic finally..

the class definitely helped me pinpoint a few areas that i could really push and work on to improve my overall posing (helps with animation too! bonus!) glad we did it, glad i'm done :P and feels good to have my drawing motor revving up again.

and here's a few reference poses that i used for the following set of gestures (pulled from one of the nifty life-drawing sites, The Drawing Script:)